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05.01.18: New! Now available as a Kindle e-book!


 Our commitment to making learning Thai easier and more convenient continues.

Now learn Thai anyplace, anytime, anywhere with our new Kindle e-book range!

This has been a huge project for us spanning many years. There have been so many issues to over-come. Amongst other things Kindle book formats are unable to shows tables, hold non- standard page layouts or, most critically, show phonetic tone marks. Until now!

 We trust you enjoy these Kindle books + free online video that feature all the Thai words and phrases in the books.

For further information go to our books page and click on your book of interest for Kindle links!


01.08.16: New! Learn Thai Reading, Writing and Pronunciation course launched.
learn-thai-writing-imageNew! The most clear, complete and comprehensive Learn Thai Reading and Writing course ever! Learn Thai Reading, Writing and Pronunciation covers all aspects of reading and writing in a simple, easy to follow way. Uniquely, the course teaches you how to accurately and correctly pronounce the words you write and read. Lessons are supported with clickable text, audio visuals slideshows, matching word and audio flash card games, and printable writing guides and exercise sheets. The many exercises ensure that you understand and can apply every aspect of language taught in practice. This is the world class reading and writing course Thai learners have been waiting for.

Your guarantee to learning success!

Expert lessons                     Audio for all Thai words                    Audio slideshows 

Audio flashcard games                Print-out pdf writing guides                Develop your learning exercises


Click for more details:   Features     Content     Q&A


15.05.16: New FREE added value service to our book buyers!Watch-Learn-Thai- DVD-Video-Free-Online-Too!

Even better value from Learn Speak Thai! Customers who buy or who have bought our Speak Thai and Speak Isaan Thai range of books can now watch the book DVD video ONLINE too. For FREE! That means that whilst you can still enjoy watching the book DVD's by playing them on a DVD player, you can now also watch the DVD videos online too from your mobile devices (telephones, tablets and laptops).

This free added convenience option is open to all people who have purchased our books since launch and to all future book buyers!. Book purchasers can view the book DVD online via our website. Proof of book purchase is required to view the book DVD online (book buyers must correctly answer a simple question about the book that proves book purchase before they can view the video online). Click here to see video page-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

01.03.16: New Learn Thai Pronunciation ONLINE course now available!


There is nothing more frustrating than knowing some Thai and not being understood when you speak. This NEW comprehensive Thai Pronunciation ONLINE course teaches all you need to know to speak Thai with the correct pronunciation and tones. Click here for more details: Thai Pronunciation.


01.12.15: New Speak Isaan Thai Intermediate ONLINE course now available!


Hot on the heels of our Speak Isaan Thai Beginners online course launch we are delighted to announce that our new Speak Isaan Thai Intermediate ONLINE course is now available! With exceptional lesson content and clickable audio text + audio slideshows + audio flash card games + matching card games there is no better way to improve your Isaan Thai vocabulary and language knowledge!. Click here for more details.


07.07.15: World exclusive! New Isaan Thai beginners ONLINE course now available!

New Isaan Thai Online course Speak Isaan Thai Beginners online course is the first and only online course teaching the language of the people of NE Thailand. It has excellent lesson content, Isaan Thai audio for all words and phrases and 100's of flash card games. There is no better time to start learning Isaan Thai. Click image for more details.


01.01.15: New Special offer! Start learning Thai whilst your book is being delivered!

Free Easy Thai For Tourists Course

We realise that waiting for your learn Thai language book to arrive can be frustrating. Having bought a book the chances are that you will want to start learning Thai straight away. So you're not sitting around twiddling your thumbs until your book arrives from 01 January 2015 we will give you instant free access to the Easy Thai for Tourist online course. Simply order any book or dictionary from this website and we will send you an email giving you your instant free access coupon code for Easy Thai for Tourist online course and instructions on how to use it.


30.10.14: New Improved Thai Beginners Online Course!

New Improved Thai Beginners Online Course

Our Speak Thai Beginners online course just got even better! You now get even more GAMES, more FUN, more EFFECTIVE LEARNING! And each lesson page is now headed with a photograph evocative of the land of smiles making it an even more VISUALLY REWARDING EXPERIENCE!


01.08.14: New Easy Thai For Tourists Online launched!Easy Thai For Tourists Course

Ever ready to provide something a bit different but highly useful, Learn Speak Thai have launched Easy Thai for Tourists - The Absolute Bare EssentialsThe course is designed for people who just want to learn a few few useful words and phrases that they can use in Thailand during their next holiday. From saying hello to asking where the toilets are, all the key words and phrases are here. The lessons contain easily learnt phrases that with a little effort a tourist will be able to remember when they want to say something in Thai. The course is an ideal preparation for having a great holiday in Thailand.


01.09.13: New Learn Speak Thai Intermediate Online Course launched!

New Speak Thai Intermediate CourseNEW! This new Speak Thai Intermediate online course builds on Speak Thai Beginners online course’s foundation to cover a wider range of vocabulary and grammar within other relevant situations anyone visiting or living in Thailand will find themselves in. It takes you through from beginners to intermediate level naturally and effortlessly to provide the most relevant and comprehensive Thai language learning available.

        Features clickable audio text + audio slideshows + audio flash card games + matching card games.

A must for anyone wanting to develop their Thai language skills further.


30.07.13:  New Learn Speak Thai Online lesson and word modules launched!
New Learn Thai Courses

Following good sales and encouraging feedback by customers of our existing 4 Lesson modules and 4 Word modules we have extended our unbeatable value online module range. has now launched an additional 10 new modules - see image on the right for module names. The new modules include 1 x Lesson module featuring the must know family and kinship terms and 9 x Word modules. These modules cater for customers who do not want to buy a full course but wish to learn or improve on a particular aspect of the Thai language. Go to our modules webiste pages for further details.


10.12.12: New Learn Speak Thai  website launched!
New Learn Speak Thai Home Page

Customers of Learn Speak Thai language learning resources can now find all our products, both book + DVD and online courses, on one easy to navigate site to help you learn Thai. It offers the ultimate one stop shopping convenience: customers to browse, shop, and in the case of our online courses, access, our extensive range of online learn Thai coursesbooks + DVD'S plus English - Thai dictionaries all on one site: The new site has:

  • Free Thai Online lessons
  • Video guides to Book + DVD's
  • New header banner and home page design
  • New moving sliding communication panels
  • New improved web pages: design and contentshave added impact and clarity
  • New easy to use website navigation system
  • Clearer pricing of all products
  • Easier and more direct buying processes
  • More prominent customer product feedback / review focus
  • Video guides to Online course
  • Free 'look inside' book features
  • Plus a wealth of additional information to help customers be more informed about us and our products

The launch is the culmination of a over 12 months work to upgrade the initial stand-alone website into our flagship website where all our customer communication and products will be focussed and featured. Significant work has gone into ensuring the new website design, communication, content and navigation offers our customers a user friendly experience and a better way to learn Thai. We hope you like it!


21.11.12: New revised Speak Thai Volume 2 now available!

Learn Speak Thai Volume 2

Speak Thai Volume 2 just got even better! The latest edition has revised and updated content designed to make the learning process easier and more effective. Key changes include:

  • Improved structure and clarity throughout the book to make learning even easier
  • Additional language content to make what is learnt even more relevant
  • Improved visuals on DVD

The layout and print quality is the best yet!


26.07.12: New Special Value packs launched!

Learn Thai Special Value Packs

Two new Special Value packs featuring The Complete Speak Thai (vol. 1+ vol. 2) and The Complete Speak Isaan Thai (Vol. 1 +Vol. 2) have been launched to offer even better value to purchasers of our products.

The new special value packs give a 20% price discount on normal R.S.P. They have been enthusiastically listed by Asia Books within their airport stores and their key high turnover stores within Bangkok, and throughout Kinokinya book stores, including their top Siam Paragon store. 

This special offer packs are also available online via this website, Amazon UK and Amazon USA.


01.08.12: New book format for Asia Book and Bookazine shoppers!

Learn Thai Books and DVD RangeCustomers buying Learn Speak Thai books + DVD products at Asia Books and Bookazine retail stores in Thailand will benefit from a new added value book format: each book comes with a clear plastic cover sleeve, providing additional protection to the book from damage and stains. This product enhancement comes at no additional charge, reflecting our commitment to provide the best possible value and service to our customers.


15.07.12: New Thai Infocus Booklet + DVD range launched!

Learn Thai Infocus RangeFrom the author of the best selling Speak Thai and Speak Isaan Thai (book and DVD), the new Thai In-focus DVD + booklet range is the most complete, focused and effective way to learn a particular aspect of the Thai language. The title matter is covered in a depth, breadth, relevance and insight beyond what is covered in most standard Thai courses and books. These products fill the information gap and provide the learner with a full and useable understanding of the subject covered.

There are 3 Thai Infocus titles:

Thai Infocus 1Thai Pronunciation

Thai Infocus 2: Food, Menu Decoding and Eating Conversation

Thai Infocus 3Numbers and Time

Each Thai Infocus module includes:

  • An 88-108 page booklet featuring all the lessons.
  • DVD with pictorial audio-visual slideshows featuring all the tones, words and phrases contained in the lessons. You seehear and speak all the words and sounds featured in our lessons.
  • An extensive English – Thai word glossary: 100's of practical everyday words from the lessons that you’ll use and hear everyday.

The Thai Infocus range is ideal for beginners as well as more advanced or experienced Thai language learners. Lessons teach language knowledge whilst the DVD slideshows teach how to hear and say Thai tones and words correctly. Together they teach you how to speak everyday Thai with the correct pronunciation and tones.

Kinokuniya book stores in Thailand currently have exclusive listing across their 3 stores, including the number 1 book store in Thailand, the Kinokuniya store in Siam Pragon. Thai Infocus is also available via this website.


07.06.12: New online lesson and word modules launched!Learn Thai Lessan and Word Courses

Learn Speak Thai has now launched a range of online learn Thai lesson and learn Thai word modules to cater for customers who do not want to buy a full course but wish to learn or improve on a particular aspect of the language.

8 titles have been launched: see visual right.

The Learn Speak Thai lesson and word modules are unbeatable value low cost learning solutions designed to provide the most complete, focused and effective way to learn a particular aspect of the Thai language. They give a depth, breadth, relevance and insight beyond what is covered in most standard Thai language learning courses and books. They new lesson and word mdules are being launched at unbeatable value 'try me' prices:

Lesson modules: Only £2.99!                       Word modules: Only £0.49!

Each module features lessons with clickable audio text, video slideshows with audio, and audio flash card and matching word games. The modules are ideal for beginners as well as more advanced or experienced Thai language learners.


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