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John's New Year resolution:

'This year I'm going to improve my Thai Pronunciation!'

Learn Correct Thai PronunciationNew Easy Thai For Tourists: A great way to start learning some Thai. Click image below for details

Easy Thai For Tourists Course

The Best Way To Learn Thai

Great lesson content + Thai audio for all words + fun games

This site offers you the most relevant, effective, user friendly learn Thai online and book with DVD courses available. To speak Thai effectively you need to learn relevant everyday words and phrases with the correct pronunciation and tones. That's why our courses feature highly practical language content with clear, high quality audio of all the words and phrases by a native Thai speaker. You see the word, hear the word and speak the word. It’s as easy as that.

See Hear Speak Thai Learning System

Thousands of people worldwide have successfully learnt Thai (and Isaan Thai) using our courses. You can too.

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Free Easy Thai For Tourists Course