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This fantastic NEW! Learn Speak Thai Reading Writing and Pronunciation online course is your best option to succeed in learning how to read, write and speak Thai words with the correct pronunciation. It's the most clear, complete and comprehensive learn to read and write Thai course ever!


Teaches everything you need to know

The Learn Thai Reading, Writing and Pronunciation course covers all aspects of reading and writing in a simple, easy to follow way. Uniquely, the course teaches you how to accurately and correctly pronounce the words you write and read.

Lesssons have:

  • clickable text
  • audio visual slideshows
  • matching word and audio flash card games
  • printable writing guides and exercise sheets

The many exercises ensure that you understand and can apply every aspect of language taught in practice.

This is the world class reading and writing course Thai learners have been waiting for! It will teach you to read Thai, write Thai and speak the Thai words you are writing and reading with the correct tone and pronunciation.


The most complete approach to ensure your learning success

The course features comprehensive, simple to follow lessons covering all aspects of the Thai language.


Lessons consist of:


Each chapter has useful PDF writing practice guides and exercise print-outs so that you apply what you have learnt and test your progress.


 You also get an indispensable Thai writing rules quick check summary PDF.


Expertly designed lessons that makes learning easier

The online course has been developed with you in mind. Lessons teach in a simple, step by step way that gives you the best possible opportunity to master Thai reading, writing and pronunciation.


Click here or image below to see the lesson content of each chapter:


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