Reading, Writing and Pronunciation


'The Learn Thai Reading, Writing and Pronunciation online course is great. Thank you!' Tom King, U.K.

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New! The most clear, complete and comprehensive learn to read and write Thai course ever! Learn Thai Reading, Writing and Pronunciation covers all aspects of reading and writing in a simple, easy to follow way. Uniquely, the course teaches you how to accurately and correctly pronounce the words you write and read. Lesssons are supported with clickable text, audio visual slideshows, matching word and audio flash card games, and printable writing guides and exercise sheets. The many exercises ensure that you understand and can apply every aspect of language taught in practice. This is the world class reading and writing course Thai learners have been waiting for! 

The course is suitable for people who have absolutely no knowledge of the Thai language (either spoken or written) to those who have learnt some Thai and who now want to take their Thai learning further.

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