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 'Speak Thai Volume 1 is excellent. It’s a great and easy way to learn about Thai language and it's cultural and it has helped me perfect my tones and help understand pitch. It’s the best Thai course I’ve used by far.' Jason Masters, U.K.

Learning to speak Thai with the correct pronunciation and tones is only possible if you learn from a course that has audio by a native Thai speaker for all the Thai words and phrases featured in the lessons. Learn Speak Thai courses offers this. The audio actively reinforces how the phonetically written Thai word / phrase you are reading should be spoken. You see the word, hear the word spoken by a native Thai speaker and then speak the word yourself. It is the most effective way of fixing in your mind the correct way to say a Thai word.

See Hear Speak Thai System

This system of learning is a far superior way of learning how to speak Thai with the correct pronunciation than just hearing a Thai audio via a CD or mp3 player without you visually seeing the word as you hear it or through only reading the written phonetic without the aid of audio. It teaches you correct Thai word pronunciation fast.

What Is Your Name

Learn Speak Thai courses have been actively designed to ensure you learn to speak Thai with the correct pronunciation by incorporating the following features:

  • All Learn Speak Thai courses use a high quality audio by a native Thai speaker to ensure you clearly hear the pronunciation and tone of all words and phrases. The speed of speech is slightly slower than normal so that you hear clearly how to say each word in a phrase.

Audio Native Thai Speaker

  • The Speak Thai online courses also have clickable audio text and audio flash card games.

Learn Thai Clickable Audio

  • Both the Speak Thai books and Learn Thai Online courses have audio visual slideshows (with photographic backgrounds that show the special way of life in Thailand) so that you can hear how each Thai word or phrase in each lesson is spoken.

Slidshow Visual With Thai Audio

  • The courses use an intuitive, easy to read phonetic transliteration system that accurately show how a word can be spoken (rather than using  needlessly complicated ‘scholarly' system  or an  inferior phonetic approach that actually hamper learning). How a word reads is how to say it. You spend your time learning Thai rather than trying to learn how to read and say a new Romanised alphabet.

No New Alphabet To Learn

  • Learn Speak Thai courses use large word tone graphic symbols instantly convey the word tone to you (compared to some courses that have such small symbols that you struggle to make out what the tone should be and end up ignoring the word tone completely, and other courses where no tone symbols are given at all).

Thai Word Tone Symbols

Thai Pronunciation

  • All courses focus on developing your ability to speak and identify word tones through useful tone practice routines and exercises. No other learn Thai language course does this, an amazing flaw given just how important and how difficult speaking Thai words with the correct tone is.

Your best opportunity to learn Thai with the correct pronunciation

All the features above give you the best possible chance of learning to speak Thai with the correct pronunciation. The importance of learning to speak Thai with the correct pronunciation and tones should not be underestimated. People often make the mistake of buying a budget / low cost Thai language learning source without audio, with audio from a Thai speaker who does not speak clearly or with audio in a format that you simply end up not using (CD, MP3 files). This is a big mistake because without good Thai audio you will never learn to speak Thai correctly. If you learn to say a word with the wrong pronunciation when you begin to start learning Thai it is extremely difficult to re-program your brain to say the word correctly at some later stage. You handicap your Thai speaking for life. Therefore when choosing to learn Thai you should choose one with the best system for learning correct pronunciation – ours. It offers incredible value for money whilst giving you the best possible opportunity to learn to speak Thai with the correct pronunciation.


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