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'If you're a beginner learning Thai get this! Brilliant product for anyone wanting to learn basic Thai.' Steven Davies, U.K.

Games are an integral part of the Learn Speak Thai courses. They are the easiest and most effective way for you to speedily learn the words featured in a lesson and they help make learning a lot more enjoyable than other methods of trying to remember Thai words and phrases. The Speak Thai online courses have hundreds of interactive games that help you to learn all the words featured in course and the Speak Thai Book + DVD  courses feature a range of paper based check your learning exercises.

No other online Thai language course has games for all words contained in a course. None have both matching word games and flash card games with audio (see details below). None have games that are such an integral and effective part of the learning process.



ONLINE GAMES: Hundreds of interactive audio flash card and word matching games that help you learn Thai fast!

The Speak Thai online courses has 2 kinds of games to help you learn:

1) Matching word card games.

This game is designed to help you learn word meanings. Here the new words featured in a lesson are displayed side by side. On the one side the Thai words, on the other the English meaning of the Thai words. The learner simply matches the English word meaning with the Thai word by holding the cursor on the English word and moving it across to the empty box by the Thai word. A tick is given if correct, a red cross if the word hasn't been matched correctly.
Learn Thai Matching Word Game

2) Audio flash card games

This game builds on the matching word game and is designed to test whether the learner can remember both Thai word and how to say it with the correct pronunciation. In this game the English word is given but the Thai word is not shown. The learner has to remember the Thai word for the English word shown and then say the Thai word and pronounce it correctly. By clicking on the card the Thai word appears and you hear the Thai word spoken by a native Thai speaker.

Learn Thai Word Flashcard Game Example The matching word game and audio flashcard games are designed to work together to really get you learning fast. The matching word game primes you for the audio flash card game that follows it.

 BOOK WITH DVD COURSES: Check your learning exercises that help you learn Thai fast!

The Speak Thai and Speak Isaan Thai book + DVD courses feature a range of check your learning exercises designed to help you learn what has been taught in the chapter. They contain a mix of matching Thai and English word games, translating Thai sentences (written phonetically) into English games, indicating how you would say English phrases in Thai games, and determining the tone for Thai words spoken on the DVD games. 

Learn Thai Lesson Exercises


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