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Thai - Hello

Cute Girl Says Hello in Thai Language

  Isaan Thai - I drink beer

Isaan Thai Lady Says I Drink Beer

 Thai - What is your name?

Beautiful Thai Lady Asks What Is Your Name

 Isaan Thai - We like you

Isaan Thai Lady with Dog Says We Like You

 Thai - I want a beer Chang

Thai Elephant Says I Want a Beer Chang

 Isaan Thai - I miss you

Isaan Thai Children Say I Miss You

 Thai - Can we meet again?

Happy Thai Ladies Ask Can We Meet Again

 Isaan Thai - I'll phone you tomorrow

Isaan Thai Lady Says I'll Telephone You Tomorrow

 Thai - Good luck

Traditional Thai Lady Says Good Luck


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 Thai Phonetic Dictionary Denis Segaller

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Bilingual Phonetic Thai - English - Thai Dictionary

by Denis Segaller

Features the same phonetic system as Learn Speak Thai!

The Denis Segaller / Montree Poome Bilingual Phonetic Thai - English - Thai Dictionary is aimed at everyone in a farang -  Thai relationship (and for those who want to be!). It is designed to help over-come the natural verbal communication limitations both parties are initially likely to face as they grapple with each others language. It also serves as both an excellent dictionary and invaluable study aid for both native English and Thai speakers to help learn Thai or learn English.

The Bilingual Phonetic Thai - English - Thai Dictionary is highly recommended for anyone wanting to own a practical, easy to use, reader friendly dictionary that both you and your Thai partner can use. Robust, resilient to wear and tear, and written with the inimitable Denis Segaller style, this indispensable dictionary for those in farang - Thai relationships possesses an unmatched charm and relevance. It's packed full of user friendly features designed to make communication between farang and Thai easier.

Thai Phonetic Dictionary Benefits

A Thai person can easily locate the Thai word they want to say in English by simply looking up the Thai equivalent of the word. The English word meaning is written in English and is also presented in the Thai phonetic of the English word. They can also point out to the falang the English word they are using.

The dictionary is also very farang useable. A farang can look up the English word they want to say in Thai in the English word index, and then go to the page referenced to locate the word. The English word is shown both in Thai script and the easy to read Denis Segaller 'say it as you read it' phonetic transliteration given.

The Denis Segaller Bilingual Phonetic Thai - English - Dictionary:

  • Features the easy to read Denis Segaller transliteration system that clearly indicate word pronunciation and tones. No system to learn. Say it as you read it. 
  • Has the same phonetic system as used by the Speak Thai/Speak Isaan Thai books and DVD's.
  • Contains over 7000 commonly spoken Thai words.
  • Is really practical: no fancy words; just a body of words that you and your Thai partner will hear and want to use to clearly express yourself in everyday situations.
  • All words are clearly presentedin three columns:
    • Column 1: Thai word written in Thai script.                    
    • Column 2: English word meaning written in English, plus the English phonetic written in Thai, so that a Thai person can accurately pronounce the word reading either.            
    • Column 3: The Thai word written in Romanized phonetic so that the farang can speak the Thai equivalent of the English word correctly.
  •  Has a readable font type and size.
  • All the Romanized phonetic transliteration of Thai words are written in capital letters, making it very legible.
  • Has alternative English words to the Thai word if more than one word can be used.
  • Is small, handy pocket sized (height 14.5cm x width 30 cm) making it very easy to carry with you.
  • Has 655 word packed pages.
  • Has lightly waxed paper sleeve that can be removed. Beneath it has a  water-resistant, water proof, cardboard backed plastic cover with gold leaf print.
  • Has heavyweight, quality paper that will tolerate robust handling time and time again.
  • Has strong binding: your pages will never fall out!
  • Features charming language insight. Denis highlights literal word meanings which helps you gain insight into how Thai compound words are formed.
  • Has a clear explanation of the phonetic system used in the dictionary. A useful feature is that the phonetic explanations are given in American English and British English where necessary.
  • If used as a study aid by the farang (that's you!)  the dictionary is a highly effective vocabulary builder. this is because the words are presented in the order they would have in a Thai dictionary. This has a big advantage over the standard English -Thai dictionaries because you can learn a range of Thai compound words that use the same start word and immediately see the difference in similar sounding words that have different tones.

E.g. The word 'kaow' (low tone) means news when used on its own but means rumour when used with 'leu'. You also see that there is a falling tone 'kaow' which means rice, but look how the meaning changes when used with other words. Also look at how the meaning for the word 'kee' changes depending on whether it is a low tone or falling tone.

Thai phonetic Dictionary Page

See how quickly you have increased your word knowledge for the words 'kaow' and 'kee'. Imagine how quickly you can expand your Thai vocabulary with all 655 pages of this dictionary.

This superb Thai - English - Thai dictionary is indespensible for all those in farang-Thai relationships. It serves as both an essential communication aid and as an enlightening study aid for both parties. Even if you have other English - Thai dictionaries this Bilingual Phonetic Thai - English - Thai dictionary is a highly recommended addition.

Thai Phonetic Dictionary Denis Segaller

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