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Learn Thai Special Offer

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English Thai Dictionary Denis Segaller

Price: £14.95

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ENGLISH-THAI DICTIONARY for native English speakers

featuring the Learn Speak Thai phonetic system!  

This English - Thai dictionary is highly recommended for anyone wanting to own a practical, easy to use, reader friendly dictionary. Robust, resilient to wear and tear, written with the inimitable Denis Segaller style, this indispensable dictionary possesses a charm and relevance few English - Thai dictionaries can match and which can help you learn Thai faster.

English Thai Dictionary Benefits

English - Thai Dictionary For Native English speakers:

  • Has the same phonetic transliteration and graphic tone system as used by the Learn Thai Volume 1 and Volume 2 books! Say it as you read it!
  • Contains over 8000 commonly spoken Thai words (if we didn’t make any mistake counting them!).
  • Is really practical: no fancy words; just a body of words you will want to use to clearly express yourself on your everyday conversations.
  • Has a large font size for both English and Thai script for ease of reading: no fumbling for reading glasses, screwing up your eyes to try to read the text, or searching for a light in the partially lit bar or restaurant you’re sitting in!
  • All the phonetic transliteration is given in large capitals, making it very easy to read.
  • Has an enlarged Thai script font. This is a real bonus for those who like to read how to say a word from a Thai script, and is a big contrast with most other dictionaries where the font is so small as to be illegible.
  • Contains alternative words to the main Thai word if they are often used.
  • Is pocket book size (Height 14.5 cm x Width 10.8 cm) with 470 pages.
  • Has quality, heavyweight paper that will tolerate robust handling time and time again.
  • Has strong binding: your pages will never fall out!
  • Has a choice of covers!
    • A removable, high quality, lightly waxed paper sleeve cover for durability.
    • A water-resistant, wear proof under-sleeve plastic cover for hardy use. (Don’t go scuba diving with it though, the pages are paper!).
  • Features charming language insight. Denis highlights literal meanings of some of the more fascinating words.

Learn Thai Dictionary Key, Keyhole

  • Has a clear introduction to the phonetic system used in the book (Purchasers of the Learn Speak Thai books and courses will be aware of the phonetic system used already, but it’s good to have a reference). A useful feature is that the transliteration explanations are broken down into American English and British English where necessary.

This dictionary is highly sought after by those in the know. It's an ideal learning and speaking aid for anyone learning to speak Thai.

English Thai Dictionary Denis Segaller

Buy it now!  

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