Thai In-focus 2: Food, Menu Decoding & Eating Conversation

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Speak Isaan Thai Book and DVD Special Offer

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Learn Thai Infocus Food

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The most complete, focused and effective way to learn all aspects of eating food in Thailand

From the author of the best selling Speak Thai and Speak Isaan Thai book and DVD series, this Thai In-focus: Food, Menu Decoding and Eating Conversation DVD + booklet is the most complete, focused and effective way to learn all aspects of eating food in Thailand. It covers the topic in a depth, breadth, relevance and insight beyond what is covered in most standard Thai courses and books. In the process it teaches 100’s of practical everyday words you’ll use and hear everyday to help you learn Thai. 

To ensure your learning success this Thai Infocus package includes:

  • A 96 page booklet featuring all the lessons.
  • A DVD with pictorial audio-visual slideshows featuring all the tones, words and phrases contained in the lessons. You see, hear and speak all the words and sounds featured in our lessons.
  • Check your learning exercises.
  • An extensive English–Thai word glossary

The course is ideal for beginners as well as more advanced or experienced Thai language learners. Lessons teach language knowledge whilst the DVD slideshows teach how to hear and say Thai tones and words correctly. Together they teach you how to speak everyday Thai with the correct pronunciation and tones.

Learn Thai the Most Effective Way

The booklet and DVD has a comprehensive range of learner-friendly features that makes learning Thai easier.

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Thai In-focus: Food, Menu decoding and Eating Conversation teaches:

  • Key Thai vocabulary relating to food preparation and serving
  • The names of core cooking and eating utensils
  • The names of the main ‘one dish’ meals
  • The names of the key Thai table condiments
  • Key questions and responses to deciding where to eat out
  • Words and phrases dealing with deciding what to order
  • Asking about the food on offer
  • How to place your order
  • How to ask for more of a food item
  • The key to Thai menu decoding success
  • Menu decoding a typical Thai menu
  • Menu decoding noodle dishes
  • Thai drink names
  • How to order coffee, tea or water
  • The role of the sponsor
  • How to politely get the attention of serving staff
  • How to ask for the bill
  • Essential table conversation featuring the top nine questions you will be asked (and can ask)
  • Ways of describing food characteristics
  • How to thank and acknowledge a thank you
  • Thai table manners
  • Insight into Thai culture and etiquette relating to eating
  • And much more!

In the process of learning the above you will enhance your speaking and listening skills with the audio visual slideshows that feature all words and phrases in the book. You will also learn to understand better how Thai words and phrases are formed.

Thai Infocus Food contents 1 Thai Infocus Food contents 2
Thai Infocus Food contents 3 Thai Infocus Food contents 4

 DVD details:                

PAL / region free                 PC/TV playable             Length: 1 hour

If you want to learn to speak Thai in food eating situations this course is for you. What you learn, you will use!

Thai In-focus 2: Food

Progress beyond the basic

Unbeatable value: Buy it now!

Note: The contents of Speak Thai Infocus 2 is based on lessons featured in Speak Thai Volume 1, Speak Thai Volume 2, Speak Thai Beginners Online course, Speak Thai Intermediate Online course.


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